Text messaging and driving is never safe. Drivers who text are roughly 23 percent more likely to get involved in a crash. When it is hard to put safety first and wait to respond to messages, finding a solution that works for all ages is helpful. Fortunately, there is a smartphone app to help you put it down and focus on the road.
How the App Works
AT&T has an app called DriveMode that is designed to help your or the teen driver in your home be smart and watch the road. The way the app works is simple: you set up a personalized message that automatically responds when a loved one or friend sends a message while you are driving.
Keeping It Safe
The purpose of the mobile application is obvious. It keeps you and other drivers safe while you are on the road. By reducing the number of distractions, the risk of getting involved in a crash is reduced and you will have the benefit of better auto insurance rates due to good driving discounts.
Texting and driving is dangerous, but there’s an application to help you avoid the situation and get back to loved ones when you stop. To learn more about driving safety in Colleyville, contact The Schwab Agency.

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