The aftermath of a storm and all of the damage that severe weather can cause should be no surprise to most people in Texas. The big question following a storm is whether or not homeowners insurance will pay to clean up the mess.
Some common questions about storm damage and homeowners insurance:
Are all types of storm damage covered?
Surprisingly, the answer is no. This is because each policy has exclusions. It is important to understand what your homeowners insurance policy will cover and what it will not. The will not is important because that knowledge will allow you to make an informed decision regarding adding other types of policies that cover exclusions.
Will my insurance policy pay for the temporary housing costs while my home is being repaired?
Most homeowners insurance policies cover “loss of use” which means that temporary housing is covered. Again, it depends on the policy, and there is a limitation to how long temporary housing benefits are paid. If your home is not complete by that time, you might be stuck with a portion of the temporary housing bill.
To say the least, storm damage is tricky. Not to worry though, The Schwab Agency, which serves Colleyville, Texas and the surrounding communities can help you sort it all out before you experience storm damage. If you have questions, please contact The Schwab Agency and let the professional crew help you find peace of mind.

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