Most of Colleyville, Texas is situated within the 100 year flood zone. What this means to homeowners is that each year you have a 1/100 of chance of being flooded. It does not mean that every 100 years your area will be flooded. The key is that every year you could be flooded. Summer flash floods can cause just as much risk to sewage backup as winter storms.
If you live in a flood zone, then certainly you need sewage back up protection. Sewer systems are heavily impacted by flood waters. The water levels rise and cause sewer to back up through the pipes and into your house or onto your property. Communities like Fort Worth and Dallas have to deal with the same issue. Severe weather will always increase the chances of flooding, and sewer backup.
The best course of action for homeowners who wish to be smart is to review your homeowners insurance and make sure that it covers sewage backup. The Schwab Agency provides insurance services to Colleyville, Texas and all of the surrounding communities, such as Fort Worth and Dallas. If you have questions about sewage backup insurance, or if you would like information on quality homeowners insurance, then please contact The Schwab Agency. Their agents are professional and are happy to provide answers to your insurance questions.

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