Below is feedback from a customer regarding a recent uninsured motorist claim.
Dear Schwab Agency,
I want to update you on the status of the uninsured hit and run claim I filed in December on Paige’s Lexus.  The driver of the vehicle that hit her had his day in court earlier this week.  He pleaded ‘not guilty’ but the evidence presented by the Athens Georgia DA overwhelmingly caused the judge to rule against the defendant.  The judge found him guilty of leaving the scene of an accident, placed him on six months probation, ordered him to pay me restitution of $250, which was the amount of the deductible that I am out and fined him $250 for leaving the scene of the accident.  I view this as a partial victory because the restitution and fine is slightly less than half of the damages on our automobile, however Raymond N., the MetLife claims agent working this case informs me that the damages that MetLife incurred have been placed with a collection agency in a effort to recover their loses.  Hopefully the courts ruling will help them in their claim and the defendant will will be forced to pay the full amount of the damages he caused in addition to his fine and possible courts costs.
I also want to report that Mr. Raymond N. of the Minneapolis office of MetLife, has been the most courteous, informative and helpful agent I have ever worked with.  It was a delight to have him on my side and is a shining example of what customer service should be in this country.  I appreciate all the time and effort he gave in resolving my claim to my fullest satisfaction and hope that he is successful in recovering the full amount that MetLife has paid out on this claim.  Sometimes insurance business is placed based solely on the bottom line quote, and when service is warranted it does not always meet expectations.  That was not the case with MetLife and agents such as Mr. Raymond N.  He treated me as though I was the most important client of MetLife and saw to it that the claim was resolved to my complete satisfaction.  Thank you for placing my insurance business with MetLife.
Tom S.

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