The summer is the perfect time to be grilling amongst friends and family. When you have a party, you want to be cautious at all times because of the heat of the grill as well as young children under foot. When you’re using the grill, have a fire extinguisher nearby and always use a grill mitt when handling things that could have gotten hot from the grill.
Especially if you are grilling around a pool area, make sure there is always an adult watching the kids – or install a fence around the pool to protect kids from going in when there is no supervision. This prevents drowning or other problems that kids could get into.
It’s important to have homeowner’s insurance on your home in the event of any kind of grilling accident. Plus, if you install a gate around the pool, you can actually reduce your homeowner’s policy because it is considered a safety feature on your home. Having a BBQ at your home is a great way to spend the summer, but taking some extra precautions can make all of the difference in the world.
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