When most think of summer, they think of fun in the sun and getting a chance to finally have some quality family fun time. The best thing to do on those warm summer days is to go swimming and try your hand at other water sports. but you want your family and friends to stay safe while swimming and boating. Here are 10 tips from The Schwab Agency to help your family and friends stay safe.
1. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back.
2. Never swim or go boating alone, always swim with other friends or family members.
3. Know what you can handle and do not push yourself to go beyond your limits.
4. Be ready for sudden weather changes.
5. Wear proper shoes and clothing. Bring clothes for warm weather and clothes for colder weather.
6. Always wear a Personal Floatation Device when in the water.
7. Have a first aid kit on hand and teach everyone to use it.
8. Do not drink alcohol if you are watching children swim.
9. Don’t rely on floating toys as a safety device.
10. Watch out for underwater currents.
For more information about water safety, please contact The Schwab Agency.

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