Life insurance can be divided into two main types: whole life and term life. Both have distinct advantages and usually one is more preferable over the other, depending on your situation in life.
Whole life insurance will cover you for your whole life, provided you continue to pay your premiums and don’t cancel the policy. It also has a cash value component which means that some of your premiums build up in a savings account which you can borrow from at any time. If you pass on before you repay money that you borrowed, that amount will be deducted from the policy value. Whole life policies are best for older people who need life-long coverage in order to provide for their surviving dependents.
Term life insurance is only good for a set length of time, which may range from one year to twenty. Premiums are much lower, but if you renew at the end of your term, the price will go up since you are older and there’s a higher chance that your beneficiary will make a claim on your policy. These are good for young people who aren’t financially secure yet and whose family would greatly suffer due to the loss of an income.
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