There comes a time in every year when hurricanes become something to be concerned about. You watch the weather on TV, you check the weather online and, when a big blow is supposed to happen, you take steps to protect yourself, your family and your property. While taking your family elsewhere is always a good idea, here are some tips you can use to waterproof your property while you’re away.

– If you’re staying or if you’re staying until the last minute, having a waterproof cell phone cover is essential. If worse comes to worst, at least you’ll be able to call for help and stay in contact with others elsewhere.

– If water is destined to come into your home, putting your clothing, linens, etc. into sealed "space bags" will protect them as best as possible. They may float around some, but they’ll keep water out unless punctured. 

– For valuables you don’t want to take with you, having a waterproof/fireproof safe will provide protection.

– To give you additional warning to either leave or get into protective sheltering should you decide to stay, having a water alarm will be beneficial. 

While nothing beats proper hurricane preparedness during hurricane season, having the right home insurance helps too. Working with insurance companies like The Schwab Agency in Colleyville TX who understand hurricanes as well as what insurance policies will protect you best will give you the peace of mind that, even if you do have to deal with a hurricane, you can have peace of mind about your home and property.

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