Once the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten and the leftovers are put away, people will be taking out the Christmas decorations to deck their halls with holiday cheer. Yet you also need to practice safe holiday decorating to prevent fires and other accidents from happening so you, your family and your home is safe during this season. Check out these following decorating tips.

Use only safe lights. There are specific types of indoor and outdoor lights for a reason. Only use the recommended lights that have been thoroughly tested by national safety standards. Never hang lights that are frayed, worn or have loose connections. Refrain from using nails or tacks to hang up lights as the metal points can puncture the coated wires or cause wires to break.

Purchase a fire resistant artificial tree. There should be a label somewhere on the tree that states it is fire-resistant and can handle the heat generated by the Christmas lights you place on it.

Keep all decorations away from fireplaces. Never place your Christmas tree, garland, lights or other decorations near the firebox opening or within range of any embers that might pop out. Keep a mesh screen in front of the firebox opening to prevent embers from popping onto decorations.

Never leave candles unattended. Candles can also cause a fire if you are not careful. Keep candles away from the Christmas tree and out of reach of young children.

For more information about decorating in a safe manner or about purchasing insurance to protect your home during the holidays, please contact The Schwab Agency at 817-485-5050.

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