Car care is essential for the longevity, and reliability, of your chosen mode of transportation.  Consistent maintenance can prevent major repair bills.  The owner’s manual contains the recommended actions for each of these:

  • Exterior paint – Regular car washes are important for the protection of the paint’s gloss layer.  Summer and winter exposure requires care that prevents damage.
  • Fluid levels – Oil, steering fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze must be maintained to prevent engine damage.  Scheduled maintenance allows the major systems to function properly.
  • Tire pressure – Monthly checks of the amount of air in each tire will reduce the uneven tread wear that can lead to blowouts on the road.  Seasonal evaluation of the tread depth will prevent skids on rainy and snowy road surfaces.
  • Air filter – That dirty air filter could be hurting your car’s mileage per gallon of gas more than you realize.  Almost anyone can check, and change, the air filter.
  • Belts and hoses – Engine performance requires proper tension and fluid supplies at all times.  Cracked belts allow components to wear unevenly.  Leaky hoses can cause the engine to overheat and strand the passengers.

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