Small businesses face numerous challenges that differ significantly from those faced by large, publicly-traded organizations. Two of these primary challenges involve —

  • Taxes, and
  • Finding affordable business insurance.

Business Tax Tips

The best business tax tip: Tax time is a year-round issue. Waiting until year’s-end or after December 31, is both risky and futile. In all cases, by then it’s typically too late to make any meaningful tax savings changes.

  • Evaluate incorporation. Although you’ll have more "paperwork," corporations often will pay lesser taxes, including the self employment (FICA) tax you face with sole proprietorships and partnerships.
  • Create a legitimate home-office, if possible. Should you have the room and the ability, creating a home-office allows you to deduct some household expenses.
  • Always know the financial position of your business. Never wait until year-end to learn if your business made or lost money on paper–too late to save on taxes.

Business Insurance Tips

  • Understand your coverage needs. Fully understand the coverage you have and the protection you need to minimize risks.
  • Utilize expert advice. Instead of "winging it," get advice from insurance experts you trust to maximize your protection.

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