The Schwab Agency wants to remind clients to observe a few St. Patrick’s Day safety tips. Of course, the number one rule to follow is to refrain from driving a motor vehicle after making a few St. Patrick’s Day toasts. If people must travel on the holiday, they need to take designated drivers with them who do not plan to imbibe alcoholic beverages.

People who do not consume alcohol still need to pay closer attention to other drivers on St. Patrick’s Day. Due to the prevalence of drunk drivers on St. Patrick’s Day, walkers need to proceed cautiously while crossing streets.

Texas residents can speak with their insurance agents to make sure they have ample automobile insurance coverage when driving their vehicles on the holiday. Other St. Patrick’s Day safety tips include eating before drinking to prevent nausea and consuming ample amounts of plain, ordinary H2O to prevent dehydration.

For more information about St. Patrick’s Day safety tips for people who reside in Texas, please contact The Schwab Agency in Colleyville.

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