Those who are moving may be overwhelmed with everything their relocation involves. Moving involves finding a new home, packing up the old home, renting a truck and getting everything organized for the move. During the busyness involved with moving some things may get overlooked, including updating all of your insurance policies.

Some moves across town may only require a simple address change, while moves to another city or state may require a change in your policies to meet local requirements. Before moving, check with your agent and discuss your options regarding homeowners’/renters’ insurance and auto insurance and how your move will affect your policies. After the move is complete you may have to make changes to your current policy.

Also, keep in mind, when renting a truck you will be offered to purchase rental insurance through the rental company. Before accepting the extra coverage with your rental, speak with your insurance agent, because some auto policies cover rentals.

For more information about your insurance options and current levels of coverage in the Colleyville, Texas area contact The Schwab Agency.

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