Liability insurance covers your business from financial losses due to lawsuits brought against your company and other damages that you cause. Excess Liability Insurance covers financial losses that are above and beyond your basic liability coverage. If you aren’t comfortable with the highest limits on your general coverage, consider purchasing an excess liability policy.
What Does Excess Liability Cover?
Excess liability policies cover the same items as a general liability policy, just in higher amounts. You are covered against lawsuits, settlement amounts, injuries that occur on your property and mistakes that your company makes which harm another individual or company. This includes defending against accusations of slander, libel or defamation of character, as well as physical or financial harm.
Coverage Options
Excess liability insurance is typically available in increments of $1 million dollars. Determining how much excess coverage you need depends of the type of business that you are in and the risks associated with it. If you perform contracting or consulting work, client contracts often require that you have liability coverage in certain amounts. A qualified insurance advisor can help clients determine how much excess coverage is right for their individual circumstances.
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