Easter is a time for decorating eggs, Easter egg hunts and other fun activities, especially for the smaller children. For fun, safe ways to celebrate Easter, while avoiding the messes, read these simple tips and tricks: 

  • Boil your eggs and set up your dye containers before the children get involved.
  • Put newspaper and trays down under the containers of dye and the drying area
  • Dye the eggs outside if the weather is good
  • Use the waiting time as play time. This keeps the smaller children from being tempted to play in the dye or check the eggs themselves
  • Decorate eggs with stickers after an initial base coat of color. Stickers are easier than multiple colors and allow children to be more "hands-on". 

When Easter morning arrives, hide their Easter baskets and help them find them with a maze of yarn. Just run the yarn from their beds to the hiding place for a fun activity. 

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