Many motorists are confused about the various insurance coverage options available for their vehicles. One of the often misunderstood policies is the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage.

What is Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage?

The uninsured portion of the policy pays to repair your vehicle if you are hit by another driver who does not have insurance. It will also pay for medical costs if you are injured in the accident. In some cases, the other driver may have insurance but the limits of their policy are not high enough to cover the costs of repairing your vehicle or paying medical costs. If this occurs, your uninsured motorist coverage pays for the damage. In addition, this policy pays you for the loss of use of your vehicle during the repair and may even pay for lost wages.

Why Drivers Need It

Even if your state requires all drivers to have vehicle insurance, there are still some that do not. If you are hit by one of these drivers, your only options are to pay for your own repairs and medical costs or to sue to the other driver to recover damages. However, those with an uninsured/underinsured insurance policy can rest assured that they will be back on the road in no time.

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