Homeowners insurance is a safety net against financial loss and provides peace of mind. However, the process of setting it up can be extremely confusing. By following a few basic tips, homeowners can rest easy that they will be protected if disaster hits.

Learn What it Covers

Knowing what the policy covers and doesn’t cover is the first important step. Most policies cover the loss of use of your home and rebuilding due to fire or other disasters. It also covers items that are stolen from both inside the home and those stolen from your vehicle. Liability coverage pays the costs if someone is injured on your property and sues you.

Things that aren’t covered vary by provider and region but usually include flooding and acts of God, such as earthquakes. Read each policy carefully to determine the exclusions.

Shop For Companies and Agents

Getting insurance quotes from three to five companies can save you money. However, make sure that the company has good reviews. In addition, choose an agent that also has good reviews. You will have to deal with the agent if you ever file a claim and a good one makes the process easy.

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