Summer has arrived, and you finally have the time to take your family away for a relaxing week at your vacation home! You pull up to the house, and a feeling of dread sets in as you notice broken windows, and vandalism to your beloved vacation getaway. Just imagine the consequences if you had not purchased an insurance policy! As a vacation homeowner, you face all sorts of risks ranging from natural disasters, to burglary. Here are some insurance questions to ask your agent to ensure you have proper coverage:

  • Does my regular homeowners policy cover a second home? Many assume that you need to purchase a separate policy, however occasionally you can add your vacation on to your existing coverage.
  • Do I need more liability insurance? The activities associated with vacation homes are usually a bit less safe than your primary home. An umbrella policy would come in handy if this is one of your concerns.
  • Is my personal watercraft covered by my policy? Typically you will need to purchase a separate boat insurance policy. This will also be the case for your jet skis, WaveRunners, and sea doos.
  • Are the insurance requirements different for my vacation home if it is located in a different state? You will need to check with your agent to determine whether this is the case.

If you would like to contact someone about insuring your vacation home, contact one of the top insurance agencies in Texas. Serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, The Schwab Agency can help you find the perfect policy for you!

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