With a swimming pool comes a ton of fun, as well as a ton of liability. On average, there are about 4,200 swimming pool related deaths each year. The majority of these deaths involve young children under the age of 15. You can help improve this statistic by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Here are a few recommendations to follow for safer pool play:

  • Install a fence that is at least 4 feet tall around the perimeter of your pool. This can help to keep small children out if they break away from your supervision.
  • Never take your eye off of children who are playing in or around the pool.
  • If you have a swimming pool slide, make sure that children only go down feet first.
  • Keep a rescue pole and floatation device handy in case any children need saving in the water.
  • Constantly replace drain covers. When old or broken, drain covers have the potential to trap swimmers.

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