Tickets are expensive and can stay on your driving record making insurance rates go up. Changing your driving habits can lower your chances of getting a ticket and help you become a better and safer driver. Here are 6 common dangerous driving habits that you should try to avoid the next time you’re behind the wheel.

  1. Using your cellphone is one of the most common driving habits. Using your phone for texting, phone calls, and navigation while driving is illegal and extremely distracting.
  2. Driving barefoot is dangerous because if your foot slips off of the acceleration or breaks, you can lose control of your vehicle. Wearing shoes like high heels or sandals can be dangerous as well.
  3. Blasting your music can cause immense distraction. If your music is too loud or you are using headphones you may not hear if a siren is behind your car or if another driver is honking.

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