Owning a home comes with many responsibilities and one of the highest priority is getting the right coverage. If  a guest is injured in your home and your home insurance does not have enough liability coverage you could be in trouble. With all the potential hazards in your home you can never be too safe, here are the most common that you should be prepared for.

  1. Dog bites- $29,752 is the cost of the average liability claim for a dog bite. With so many breeds not covered by your homeowners insurance you can’t afford to not be prepared with liability insurance.
  2. Accidents at home- Even uninvited guests have the ability to make a liability claim after being hurt in your household. Even accidents on your walkway can get you in trouble. You can be held liable for something as simple as a loose carpet or falling down the stairs.
  3. Intoxicated guests- If you have guests over to have a drink or two you could be liable for the accidents they make even after they leave your home. If a person gets into a car accident leaving your house you will be held liable.

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