A storage unit is something we use to protect some of our most prized possessions but even in storage your possessions could be at risk without the right coverage. Storage unit property insurance only offers protection for the actual building, not the things inside of it.
Home insurance can cover some of the damage in an emergency but the coverage is small and has a limit. Your best bet to keep your property safe would be storage unit insurance. Storage unit premiums can be as low as $7 a month for $1000 worth of coverage. Sadly less than half the people with storage units decide to get coverage.
Storage insurance is growing and evolving with time. Policy holders now have the ability to file a claim or keep inventory of their possessions using a smart phone.
The Schwab Agency in Texas works with top insurance companies to ensure that you get the right insurance for you at the best price. Specializing in business insurance, property insurance, and auto insurance we will take the time to get the right coverage for your lifestyle.  Contact us for an insurance quote today.

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