Many agents selling auto insurance often don’t discuss everything about your policy with you because they assume that you’re going to read it. Let’s be honest, no one reads the insurance policy, so if you want to get the best out of your auto insurance you need to ask the right questions. Here are 3 questions you should always ask your agent when buying auto insurance.

  1. “Are these all the discounts my auto insurer offers?” Safe driver discounts aren’t the only discounts available to you. Certain features in your car, parking in your garage, or driving an eco-friendly vehicle are all instances in which you may be eligible for insurance discounts.
  2. “Is comprehensive and collision coverage worth it and do I have it?” These are two separate coverages that you can purchase for damage repairs on your vehicle. This can be a good idea for some newer car models but not all.
  3. ” Is uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage included in my policy?” This is an important coverage to consider for coverage when an uninsured driver hits you.

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