Are you one of the many individuals committed to going green and making a positive impact on our beautiful planet? Many of your efforts to go green are appreciated by insurance companies through discounts. Whether you are committed to going green on the road, in your home, at your work, or all of the above, there are a variety of eco-friendly insurance products and discounts available to you, including:

  • Many insurance companies will reward you for purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicle discounts typically average about 10% off of your premium.
  • Likewise, many insurance companies will offer discounts to those who drive vehicles that use alternative energy sources. These alternative energy sources include biodiesel, electricity, natural gas, hydrogen, and ethanol.
  • Many motorists are unaware of “Pay as You Drive” programs (PAYD) where your auto insurance premium is calculated based on the amount of miles you drive and how fast you drive. There is only one catch – you must install a sensor device that tracks your miles and speed. If you drive fewer miles than the average driver and partake in safe driving habits, you may be eligible to receive a discount.
  • If you have recently conducted home renovations and upgrades and are now meeting the Stringent Efficiency and Sustainability Standards, you may be eligible to receive a hefty discount. LEED certified homes are recognized for their green efforts.
  • Many businesses will receive insurance discounts when they replace old materials and equipment with energy-efficient products. You may want to consider purchasing a green commercial property insurance policy or endorsement so that your equipment and systems are replaced with green products after a total loss.

Contact The Schwab Agency for all of your Colleyville, Texas insurance needs. Whether you are looking to make your car, your home, or your business greener, we can help and insure your green products and offer green discounts!

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