Insurance claim
Attention business owners! If you have yet to file a business insurance claim, are you confident in your ability to properly handle the proceedings? If your business is threatened by an occurrence such as a fire, theft, or accident, you will need to make a claim right away. Here are a few tips in case you have not yet taken the time to think through the process:

  • Get in touch with your insurance agent, and give them a description of what happened. If the situation involved robbery, contact the local authorities as well.
  • Review your insurance policy and re-familiarize yourself with the terms.
  • Repair whatever was damaged, or wait until the insurance adjuster arrives to evaluate the damage. This means you should hold onto any ruined materials until after this time. You then can proceed with repairs.
  • Get at least 2 estimates for the repair or replacement cost of the damaged materials.
  • Thoroughly document the entire claims process from start to finish. If you must move the location of your business in order for repairs to be made, or if you have to shut down, track the amount of wages you will lose.
  • After the claims process, you should discuss your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your insurance agent.

There are a number of benefits associated with working with an independent insurance agent. A major advantage is that independent agents work for you, and are able to assist you through the claims process. Other agents are tied down by strict protocols enacted by their particular insurance agency. Independent agents are able to look out for your best interest, not the interests of the insurance carrier. Contact The Schwab Agency to get in touch with one of our independent agents, today!

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