Daylight savings time has recently come to an end. While you may think that the extra hour of sleep means that your whole day will go better, there can be many negative effects. Since your day is pushed back an hour, that means that you take lunch an hour later and feel like you are at work an hour longer. To help you deal with the end of daylight savings time, keep these simple tips in mind.

  • Exercise – the more you exercise, the more serotonin is released in your body, which helps your body adjust to changes. Exercising in the morning, especially outdoors, will help ensure that you get the best sleep at night.
  • Avoid alcohol – even though you may think that you have an extra hour so you can have a drink later in the day, try to avoid it. Alcohol will interfere with normal sleep cycles, which means you will not be able to enjoy your extra hour.
  • Eat right – along with eating a balanced diet, the time that you eat can greatly impact your sleep. If you eat too early, you may get hungry close to bedtime. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to digest your food before going to bed so that a full belly does not interfere with the quality of your sleep.
  • Open the blinds – when you wake up in the morning, open the blinds so that you are able to enjoy the early morning sun, which will help wake your body up. Also, try to spend some time outdoors during the day so that you do not miss out on all the sunshine while you are at work.

The Schwab Agency in Colleyville, Texas would like to encourage you to keep these tips in mind this fall to ensure you adjust properly to the end of daylight savings time.

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