Home Insurance Claims and Water Damage
Water is a vital part of life. However, if you come home to find a few inches of water throughout your house, you could be facing serious issues. Most water that can damage your house either comes from flooding or water damage, and knowing the difference can help to ensure that you will receive insurance protection.
A flood happens when external water rises onto your land, such as the water that comes from a mudslide, heavy rains, or an overflowing river. Damage that is caused by a flood will not be covered under your homeowners insurance policy, and will only be covered if you invest in a separate flood insurance policy.
Water damage is typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy, and is any water that damages your home before it reaches the outside. Some of the most common instances of water damage include a busted pipe, roof leaks, and a faulty sump pump. Since the distinction between flooding and water damage can be small, make sure to call your insurance agent as soon as possible to find out if you are properly covered.
One of the byproducts of water damage is mold. Along with being dangerous to your health, mold can also cause the value of your home to decrease by rotting wood and creating an unpleasant odor. Knowing if your homeowners insurance policy will cover mold will depend on the source of the mold. If the mold is caused by neglect, it will most likely not be covered. However, if it was caused by a covered peril, chances are that your home insurance will provide coverage.
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