Adding Your Spouse to Your Auto Insurance

When you get married, you are combining your life with someone else’s, which can include their auto insurance. Most of the time, a marriage can help you save on your auto insurance since you are able to qualify for multi-policy and multi-car discounts. However, this is not true for all couples. Knowing when you should avoid combining your auto insurance policy with your spouse can help save you money.

When you combine your auto insurance policy with your spouse after your wedding, your insurance company will look at both of your driving records. If you have clean records with no major violations, you can see a significant drop in your premiums. However, if your new spouse has a DUI or other major violation, you may be left digging deep into your pockets to cover the cost of your policy.

While you are required to notify your auto insurance provider when you get married, you are not required to combine your policy with your loved one. Most insurance companies will require that your spouse, and any other licensed driver in your house be covered under the same auto insurance policy. Even if your new spouse has a few minor violations, you may still be able to see a decrease in your auto insurance premiums if you combine your policies, as insurance companies consider married couples to be a lower risk.

Aside from combining your auto insurance with your spouse, there are many other ways that you can save money on your auto insurance including, raising your deductible, driving less, and taking a driver safety course.

For all of your auto insurance needs after your big day, contact The Schwab Agency in Colleyville, Texas. We will work with you to make sure that you and your new spouse have the protection that you need.

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