Homeowners Insurance & Fire Coverage

Homeowners whose house has been damaged or destroyed will look to their homeowners insurance for relief. As fires can engulf belongings, valuable treasures, and a home structure within seconds, leaving nothing in its wake, a home  must hold that much-needed protection.
Basic homeowners insurance policies are able to reimburse or replace your destroyed belongings as well as repair and rebuild your burnt home infrastructure.
After suffering from a fire, keep these tips in mind as you interact with your insurance company:

  • Get an Advance: Ask your company for an advance against your eventual claim so that you are able to purchase necessities (toiletries, clothes, etc.) without having to wait for the claim.
  • Secure Your Property: Every policy requires you to take reasonable steps to minimize the harm to your property. After a fire, ensure that smoldering has been stopped, the home is boarded up to prevent vandalism, and that you regularly check up on your property while living somewhere else temporarily.
  • File Your Claim: Report your loss as soon as possible by calling your agent or sending an email. You will then be asked to submit a “proof of loss claim” where you itemize your losses and list the value.
  • Keep Track of Expenses: Your policy may entitle you reimbursement for living expenses while you’re out of your home. Keep ahold of restaurant receipts, extra purchases of gas, and hotel room bills.
  • Get the Right Repair Estimates: If you have an “actual cash value” policy, you’re entitled to the amount of money it will take to repair your home. If you have “replacement cost” coverage, you are entitled to the amount it would take to replace your home or contents up to the fixed limit. Hiring an experienced contractor makes a big difference in how your home is restored.
  • Close Your Claim: Allow your claim to be closed when you are certain that you happy with the turnout of covered losses. Put out the fire on your home once and for all.

For detailed information about all aspects of homeowners insurance, contact us at The Schwab Agency. We provide residents of Colleyville and the neighboring cities of Texas with the homeowners coverage that they need and deserve.

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