Lower your risk for seasonal allergies with these tips!

Sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes. Allergy season has begun! Along with beautiful plants and flowers, spring brings lots of pollen. Fight off allergy season to alleviate your symptoms with these tips to reduce your seasonal allergies.

  • Keep your home clean. Frequent dusting and vacuuming can help you to manage the pollen in your home. The more you vacuum the less pollen that accumulates in your home.
  • Use the air conditioning. When it starts to warm up you may be tempted to open up all your windows to let in some fresh air, but you’re inviting in loads of pollen. Make sure to use the thermostat to control the temperature in your home.
  • Invest in an air filter. While there are all sorts of air filters on the market, be sure to get a HEPA air purifier to help reduce the amount of pollen in your home.
  • Change clothes when you come home. As you go about your day pollen sticks to your clothes, hair, and skin. Make sure to change clothes when you come home and be sure to shower before you get into bed. That way you reduce the amount of pollen brought into your home.
  • Invest in an air dehumidifier. Pollen can more easily stick to moist air. Invest in a dehumidifier to help keep your allergies in check.
  • Avoid spending time in the garden. While you may enjoy gardening, it will aggravate your allergies. Delegate garden chores to others or be sure to wear a pollen mask to keep symptoms in check.

Make sure to put your health first. Fight seasonal allergies so that you feel good all season long. Make sure that you have the right coverage, and contact the professionals at The Schwab Agency. Located in Colleyville, Texas, we serve all your insurance needs.

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