Lower your risk of bug bites with these tips!

Putting your health first is important. It’s important to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise, and get enough sleep to keep your body functioning properly. However, sometimes you’re susceptible to diseases that can come from bugs. For example, Lyme disease comes from ticks and West Nile Virus is transmitted through mosquitos. Protect your health and take measures to protect yourself from creepy crawlers this summer. Check out these tips to help protect against bug bites.
Avoid Areas where the Bugs Live.
Ticks like to live in heavily wooded areas, and mosquitos typically live near water. If you can, steer clear of these areas to reduce your risk of getting bitten. Additionally, there are certain times of day when you’re more likely to be bitten. That’s not to say that mosquitos won’t bite at any other time of day. Avoid mosquitos and stay indoors in the evenings.
Wear the Right Clothing.
Long pants and long sleeves can provide you with added protection against pesky insects. If you’re heading out into the wilderness, also wear long socks. Tuck in your shirt and tuck your pant legs into your socks to avoid any openings that leave you vulnerable to bug bites.
Use Bug Spray.
Treat your clothing with insect repellant to help avoid getting bitten. Additionally, ensure that you use an effective bug spray when going outside. DEET, Picaridin, OLE, PMD, and IR3535 are all good sprays to keep bugs at bay. Just be careful when spraying your skin and always read the directions on the bottle.
Be Vigilant During an Outbreak.
In the event of an outbreak, avoid the area if possible. If it’s unavoidable, be wary of the signs and symptoms of the current outbreak. That way you can get the medical attention that you need to get better.
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