Protect your home from burglaries while you’re out of town with these tips!

School is out for summer! With beautiful weather and without any school, it’s the perfect time to take a vacation. However, when you head out of town, it leaves your home vulnerable to burglaries. Ensure that your vacation is worry-free and check out these tips to ensure your home is safe even after you leave.
Talk to Your Neighbors.
When you’re preparing to leave, don’t forget to tell your neighbors. If they do notice any activity around your home, they can then alert the authorities. Additionally, give your emergency contact number to a couple of trusted neighbors just in case they need to get ahold of you while you’re away.
Beef Up Security.
If you already have a security alarm, you’re well covered. In the event that a person tried any funny business, someone at the security company will be alerted. However, if you don’t have a security system, you can fake it. Put a security system sticker on your property. There’s a 50 percent chance that it’s real, and most burglars won’t want to take that chance. It helps to keep your home safe and sound while you’re away.
Leave the Lights on.
A dark home signifies an empty home. Make sure to set a few lights throughout your home on a timer. Be sure to have the porch light on as well as in the living room. Just be sure that they’re on a timer so that they’ll go off at night. A dark house is suspicious, but so is a house with lights on 24/7.
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