Learn how to give back to your community with these tips!

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you’re most thankful for. As you kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, it’s time to get into the spirit of giving. Give back to your community with these community service ideas so that you can make a difference.

Clean House & Donate Gently Used Items.

When it comes to the holidays, your home can start to get a little cluttered. Keep your home tidy so that you’re ready for a new year, and clean your home. As you go through your belongings, toss out the old so that you can make room for 2017! Make a pile of stuff to toss and a pile of gently used items to donate to a local shelter.

Serve a Hot Meal.

When it comes to the holidays, you enjoy a hot meal with your loved ones. However, not everyone is so lucky. Visit your local soup kitchen and help with a little meal prep. Whether you make sandwiches, serve food, or wash dishes, you’re helping to feed people in need. Additionally, consider donating canned foods to your local food bank. They’re always in need of food, and every little bit counts!

Buy an Extra Holiday Gift or Two.

The holidays are a time for gift giving. However, often times there are children that must go without any toys during the holidays. Make a difference by picking up an extra gift or two to donate to a child in need so that everyone has the opportunity for a happy holiday. Check out your local shelters or hospitals to see where you can drop off a few toys.
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