Learn how to get your garden ready for spring with these tips.

Spring is here, and the flowers are in bloom. Bring all the beautiful foliage of spring to your garden this season. Enjoy a gorgeous garden all through the spring as you tend to your garden and keep up on your yard maintenance. Find out what you need to know about getting your garden spring ready with these gardening tips.

Clean Up Your Yard.

It’s important that you clean up your yard before you begin working on your garden. Ensure that all your drainage systems are in good shape so that you can avoid any flooding in your yard. Clear any drains, and ensure that your home’s gutters and storm drains are debris-free. Additionally, get rid of any dead plants and weeds, and trim overgrown trees and shrubs. That way you keep your yard clean, manageable, and reduce your risk for home damage.

Fortify Your Soil.

Healthy soil is a must when it comes to keeping your garden in great shape. Ensure that your soil has the right nutrient balance for your plants to thrive. Test the soil for its nutrient content.  Add the necessary minerals as well as mulch and compost so that your soil provides what your plants need.

Choose Your Plants.

When it comes to your garden, it’s a good idea to choose plants that thrive in the spring. Flowers like tulips and lilacs and pansies are excellent options. Additionally, veggies like lettuces and tomatoes are also good choices. Choose the colors and textures that you want in your garden and get to planting.
Keep your garden looking its best this spring. Tend to your garden and keep up on your home maintenance this season. Protect your home with the right homeowners insurance. For all your insurance needs, contact the professionals at The Schwab Agency, located in Colleyville, Texas.

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