Why life insurance is the unexpected but highly-appreciated gift that you should give this holiday season.

When most people think about buying gifts, they tend to focus on materialistic things like clothes, electronics, toys, and so on.  Are you looking to change things up and give a unique gift that actually shows how much you care?  Then giving the gift of life insurance is the perfect solution.  Here’s why you should consider giving life insurance to the people who matter most to you.
Who Should You Gift Life Insurance To?
Life insurance isn’t the best gift for everyone on your list.  Instead, it is best suited for the people who you love most.  Here are some of the people you should consider getting a life insurance policy for this holiday season.

  • Your Spouse– Typically, families only have life insurance for the spouse that acts as the primary bread-winner. However, you cannot overlook the financial impact of losing a spouse, regardless of how much money they make.  Stay-at-home parents provide tremendous value to the family, and without them, you would be left to care for your children, care for the home, cook, run errands, and a million other things that you don’t usually have to worry about.  This is why it’s important to protect your family from the loss of your spouse by securing a life insurance policy for them.
  • Your Children and Grandchildren– While you may not think about it, your kids or grandkids can benefit greatly from having life insurance. You can purchase a juvenile life insurance policy on behalf of your kids or grandchildren.  Because this is a permanent life insurance policy, it will accrue value over time, creating a comfortable nest egg for your loved one.  By the time your children or grandchildren turn 21, they can take over the policy, choosing to continue it or redeem it for its cash value.  Either way, this is a gift that will help them in the future.
  • Yourself– Don’t forget to take care of yourself this holiday season. If you do not already have a life insurance policy, then now is the time to get one.  Remember, life insurance is designed to offer financial stability for your loved ones.  So, when you get a policy for yourself, you are really giving your loved ones the gift of security.

Do you have more questions about giving the gift of life insurance?  If so, then contact the experts at The Schwab Agency in Colleyville, Texas.  We are ready to assist you with all your life insurance needs today.

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