Coronavirus has changed the way we work and socialize. While staying in self-isolation and practicing social distancing helps us stay safe, they also negatively impact our mental health. Follow these health tips to keep your mind healthy during the COVID- 19 social distancing:

Use Technology to Stay Connected

Make the best use of your phone to stay connected with your friends and family through video and audio calls. Talk about the happy times you spent together so you don’t feel you are alone.

Complete House Tasks

Our busy lives keep us from paying attention to our home. Use this time to paint your house and declutter your belongings. This will make your house look good while keeping you engaged.

Do Regular Workouts

Doing simple workouts every day for at least 30 minutes will keep you healthy, fit, and relaxed. A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind.

Read and Write

Spend some time reading and writing. The things you write now will create memories for the future.

Chat and Play With Family Members

Share your thoughts and play indoor games with your family members.


Meditate for at least ten minutes a day to keep your mind calm and composed.

Limit Your Exposure to Negative News

Stay away from fake news about coronavirus. Watch or listen to reliable news that keep you informed about the current situation – but don’t overdo it.
Following these mental health tips during social distancing will keep you happy and healthy. Another thing that would help you get peace of mind is getting the right insurance to keep your family secured. For assistance with all your personal insurance needs, contact the experts at The Schwab Agency in Colleyville, Texas. We are ready to help you get the coverage you need.

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