As the temperature rises and days get hotter, it becomes essential to keep track of all the motorcycle maintenance tasks in summer to ensure that your vehicle is safe and running in good condition.
Here are some of the expert tips for motorcycle maintenance that you need to do in summer.

Replenish All Vital Fluids

It is essential to check all the fluid levels (coolant, engine oil, brake fluid) of your motorcycle. The engine normally generates a lot of heat, and the summer heat can make it worse. This can impact your vehicle’s fluid levels, so check them regularly and replenish if necessary.

Check the Tires

One of the important summer motorcycle maintenance tasks is to check the tire pressure. Make sure not to ride with over-inflated or under-inflated tires, as hot weather and long runs tend to heat and inflate them further.

Clean Your Engine’s Fin

The air-cooled/oil-cooled engines of motorcycles are specifically made to dissipate as much heat as possible. If your bike is not cleaned properly or the fins are dirty, it can be difficult to pass the air through them, and hence the engine heats up significantly. Make sure to clean your engine’s fins to avoid overheating.

Replace the Air filter

Check your air filter regularly as it can become clogged and dirty. Remove debris and replace the filter if necessary.

Check Your Chain

Before you go for a ride on your motorcycle, check its chain. Check it for any signs of damage, and repair or replace if required.
Make sure not to park your motorcycle in sunlight, as continued exposure to sunlight can heat the fuel tank and lead to wastage of fuel due to evaporation.
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