If you’re visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend, no matter where you live, there are plenty of things you can do when you aren’t feasting on turkey and other holiday foods. You can either go alone or take the whole family and explore as much as you can!

Here are a few fun things you can do while celebrating Thanksgiving in Texas.

San Antonio’s Ford Holiday River Parade

For 40 years, the Ford Holiday River Parade and Lighting Ceremony have been a tradition. Starting at 6 p.m., the parade is the highlight of the holiday season. Santa and Mrs. Claus are always on hand to share a few smiles and ignite everyone’s holiday spirit.

Austin’s Christmas Parade

Austin’s Chuy’s Christmas Parade is a holiday favorite. The parade is used to raise funds for “Operation Blue Santa.” The charity asks people who attend the parade to bring an unwrapped, new toy that can be shared with children who live in the area that may not otherwise receive a gift.

Houston’s HEB Holiday Parade

For 70 years, the HEB Holiday Parade has been a Thanksgiving tradition. The parade is the biggest in the state and kicks off the holiday spirit in a big way. From marching bands to colorful floats, Houston residents are able to enjoy a wide variety of activities that end with the official tree lighting ceremony. Good fun and good food are available for everyone!

Go to a Dallas Cowboys Game

Nothing says Thanksgiving is like a professional football game. In Texas, that means going to a Dallas Cowboy game. Love them or hate them, a day at the stadium is a time well-spent. Get caught up in the excitement and enjoy some quality time with family by cheering on your favorite team.

Moody Gardens Festival of Lights in Galveston

Galveston is the host of the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. At Thanksgiving, the holiday celebration is already underway. Train rides, a park full of ice sculptures, visits with Santa Claus, and the famous Festival of Lights. Getting a chance to visit the festival transports you to a veritable holiday wonderland.

San Antonio’s Mariachi Music Festival

If you love music, a visit to San Antonio’s Mariachi Music Festival should be a part of your future plans. Held at the Ameson River Theatre, the Festival brings together Mariachi musicians from all over the state. Include a stop at the Historic Market Square to finish off your holiday shopping. Take a few minutes to enjoy one of the largest and oldest festivals in the state of Texas.

Celebrating the holidays is always a joyous time. Celebrating Thanksgiving in Texas is an even bigger event! No matter what place you are visiting, Texas is known for hosting some of the most spectacular holiday events. Take a good look around and visit a few different events. There is something for everyone! Our team at Schwab Agency wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!