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Have you spent much time searching “home insurance near me” online? You can get endless links to coverage that doesn’t fit your situation. Sometimes people get confused with the legalities, so they pick the first insurer they find online only to learn later they didn’t get the coverage they assumed.

Here are ten types of disasters a standard homeowner plan doesn’t cover.

1. Ground Movement (Earthquakes, Landslides, etc.)

A standard plan typically only covers disasters that are common everywhere and not extreme or unique disasters, like earthquakes or landslides. To protect your belongings from any type of ground movement or seismic activity, you’ll need to add earthquake insurance to your coverage. Areas that are prone to earthquakes typically have high insurance costs.

2. Flood

Although a standard policy doesn’t cover floods from overflowing rivers or heavy rain, it’s easy to get flood insurance via the National Flood Insurance Program. This program encompasses about 60 partnerships with insurance agencies. Check your existing policy to see what types of water damage it covers.

3. Mold Infestations

Since it’s hard to determine the source of mold, it’s difficult to insure damage caused by mold infestation. While your insurer may pay for accidental mold claims, they likely won’t pay for preventable damage caused by neglect. Insurers typically only pay for sudden outbreaks of mold. If the mold results from long-term leaks, the insurer probably won’t cover it.

4. Wear and Tear

It’s up to you to take care of your home and its contents. The insurance company focuses on paying for sudden damage beyond the homeowner’s control. Wear and tear issues are considered part of normal maintenance that’s separate from insurance.

5. Pest and Rodents

Various types of insects and animals can damage a home, say, by chewing on wood or cables. Termites can cause enormous damage, but they aren’t covered by standard plans. You’ll likely need special insurance to protect against pest and rodent infestations.

6. Nuclear Hazards

As you may have guessed, events as catastrophic as nuclear disasters aren’t covered by standard homeowners policies. You’ll need special nuclear coverage if you fear a nuclear disaster. Nuclear power companies are required by law to carry liability insurance that covers damages within the hazardous area.

7. Government Action

Your standard homeowners policy falls short of protecting against the government seizing or condemning your property. Actions taken by the government aren’t included as covered perils by insurance providers.

8. Aggressive Pet

Certain dogs can be very dangerous to humans due to their sharp teeth and aggressive strength. Pit bulls and wolf hybrids are typically blacklisted by insurance companies because of the severe injuries they can cause.

9. Wind Damage in Hurricane-prone States

Regions where hurricanes and strong winds are normal typically require special insurance for wind damage. These plans often include a special deductible that reflects a percentage of the home’s insured value.

10. Willful Neglect

It’s out of the question to expect an insurer to pay for any type of intentional damage or neglect by the homeowner. It would be too easy for everyone to file claims, which would clean out insurances companies.

Instead of searching “homeowner insurance near me” and getting random results, choose an experienced insurance provider with diverse coverage. Contact us here at Schwab Agency to get started on your personalized home insurance and other add-on coverages to protect your house and its content.