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Meet David Swaim




Officially born in Abilene, Tx, although David has spent nearly his entire life right here in Colleyville, Tx. David graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance. As a formerly licensed mortgage broker and Vice President with Merrill Lynch, David brings his 20+ years of financial services knowledge to the agency. Not to mention his licenses in Property and Casualty insurance, Life and Health, as well as his series 6, 7, & 63. Through David’s leadership, extensive knowledge and overall passion for the industry, he fills an integral role at Schwab Insurance.

Stop in our office and you’ll hear David before you see him, and if you don’t, then he’s more than likely at the gym…building or fixing something…or hiking any one of the giant mountains, cliffs or whatever he can find that America has to offer. He of course enjoys all these activities but none more than spending time with his wife, Cindy, and daughters Taylor and Reese.

Q&A with David

You can have an unlimited supply of ONE thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

David: “Safety and Security. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, baby! Can’t ever have enough Safety and Security.”

What is the one app on your phone that you couldn’t live without?

David: “Psh, I don’t need any of them. I don’t care about my phone.”

What is your passion? If you could teach a room full of people about ONE thing for 5 minutes, what would it be?

David: “I would teach general home or auto maintenance and repair. The youth of today can’t do it, and soon you won’t be able to afford those who can because their skill set will be a lost art.”

What’s your “go to” meal if you had to cook something?

David: “Steak (medium rare, although as I get older I have been leaning more towards Medium) Potato (baked or french fried and grilled vegetables. Easy, and delicious every time.”

Do you have a hidden talent?

David: “Oh, when it comes to water skiing…if you can think of it, I can do it.”

What do you love MOST about being in the Insurance Industry?

David: “I like that I help protect people. Asset (lifestyle) protection. It means a lot to me personally, due to unfortunate circumstances that my grandparents experienced, I was raised to value insurance and asset protection.”

What’s a stigma about the insurance industry you would like to change?

David: “One huge misconception is that we (the agency) have any control of the price of policies that we present to our clients. We don’t price the policies, we’re just the messenger. We share the information given to us by the carriers, and help educate and inform our client to make the best decision. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the price. Trust me, I wish we did!”