Insurance Agency

Meet Tim Schwab




Born in Berlin, Germany, raised in Colleyville, Texas, Tim joined the family agency in 2006. Starting as an administrator, he worked his way up through the ranks. Leading the company in sales from 2008-18 where he won several awards from the carriers they represented. Tim eventually purchased the agency in January 2020 where he now leads from the top, continuing to bring the white glove service that the Schwab Insurance family has provided to its community since 1993.

If not in his office…or on the golf course…you’ll likely find Tim at home spending time with his wife, Shelby, daughters, Amelia, Mera and “Decker”(Golden Retriever).

Q&A with Tim

You can have an unlimited supply of ONE thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

Tim: “Golf balls. I love the game but the game doesn’t love me!”

What is the one app on your phone that you couldn’t live without?

Tim: “My Bible app”

What is your passion? If you could teach a room full of people about ONE thing for 5 minutes, what would it be?

Tim: “Besides insurance? (because it is boring!) I would say, finance…(which is also boring! Ha!) Although… boring as they may be, insurance and finance are two industries that most people do not fully understand, yet play such an intricate role in the fiscal success and independence of everyone.”

What’s your “go to” meal if you had to cook something?

Tim: “A good filet and loaded baked potato…this is Texas after all!”

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be?

Tim: “As a HUGE car enthusiast I would say, the ability to race an F1 car on a professional level.”

What do you love MOST about being in the Insurance Industry?

Tim: “Growing up in the industry I always enjoyed the relationship with our clients as well as educating. To me, developing a relationship based on trust and knowledge, is what separates us from everyone else.”

What’s a stigma about the insurance industry you would like to change?

Tim: “Ethics and Apathy. The insurance industry for years has suffered from poor ethics and the overall apathetic approach to service leading to a poor taste in the mouth of the consumer. At Schwab Insurance, we make it a point to put the needs of our clients FIRST, and by doing this we are of a select few that bring value to an industry better known for poor experience than the good one.”